Not always winning 

Visual development and character design has been a huge part of my working process.  More often than not a job starts with a brief to design a character before it can be brought to life.  I have been fortunate enough to work with some insanely talented concept artists over the years that have helped explore and develop ideas that look to reflect a brand's ethos.  Creating characters to win new business, inspire agency teams or to launch a campaign is at the core of what I do.

Unfortunately, some don't make the grade and over the years I have accumulated a pile of creatures and misfits that just deserve to be aired. 


Snickers Hungry Zoo


Hunger Zoo - Snicker

Commissioned by BBDO and produced by Passion Pictures the brief was to design five characters that explored the emotional states based on how one feels on an empty stomach.  Diva, Angry, Sleepy, Vacant, Crazy and Grumpy.  The idea was to work with performance capture studio Imaginarium to create live CG puppetry as a series of real-time celebrity tweets.  Unfortunately, the project never got the green light. 

Concept art: David Sossella 


O2 Niggles & Narks 

Designing Monsters to sell super fast broadband, that was the brief from Londons VCCP.  Pulled out all the stop on this one and got a chance to work with the crazy talented Wan Kok and pH Khor from 1000 tentacle's KL, Malaysia and Glasgow base concept artist Jon Beeston.  Unfortunately we lost out to the Mill but created some totally awesome beasties. 



Guinness -  Seconds to Greatness

More monsters, this time the brief was from AMV BBDO to explore and design a range of menacing rugby players for a TV spot to run over the rugby world cup coverage.